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We understand that not everyone is able to print invitations themselves. We believe that this shouldn’t stop you from being able to make your own invitations though, so we are happy to help with the printing for you.

Adding this item to your basket will pay for the printing of your items, please note that the card itself needs to be added to your basket separately.

Printing your invites with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

     1 – Download one of our size-appropriate templates, enter your wording and send it to us.

     2 – We will produce a PDF of your wording for you to approve. If you wish to make any changes once you have seen the proof, that’s ok, just let us know. We will make any amendments and send you through a new PDF proof.

     3 – Only when you are completely happy, and have confirmed this to us, we will print your items.

Fonts & Wording

If you are using non-standard fonts, just let us know the names of the font(s) that you are using when you send us your wording (you don’t need to do this if you are using standard Microsoft fonts). So long as we have the same fonts on our computer, the wording document sent to us should display properly on our computers. There are a wide variety of fonts available at font squirrel that you are able to download for free. If you have seen a font that you like, but don’t want to download it yourself, just let us know which font you like and we will apply it to your wording for you before sending through the proof. The proofs that we send to you are pdfs, so it won’t matter that you don’t have the fonts on your own computer.

Alternatively, if you are happy with your wording and don’t want us to fine-tune your layout, you can save your wording as a PDF before sending it through to us.  We are unable to amend pdfs, so if you send us a pdf (as opposed to a regular office document) we will print from that without needing to send you a further proof.

Top tip

If you would like to use a very decorative font for your invitation, we often advise combining it with a font that is more easily read.  The following example combines the names in the elegant ‘Edwardian Script’ with the rest of the writing in ‘Gabriola’.  This is especially helpful if your font is fairly small or if you are including a lot of information.

Do you offer a proof-reading service?

Unfortunately we do not offer a proof-reading service.  If we do happen to spot a spelling mistake, we will bring this to your attention though.


We advise allowing an additional 5 working days for printing, in addition to the standard delivery timescales. This timescale begins when you have approved the proof and your order is ready to go to print.

While we would normally try and respond to any email or enquiry within 24 hours (usually it is within a few hours), please note that we advise to leave 2 full working days for responses to emails at our busiest periods.

Adding to your basket

Simply choose the item being printed, and the printing type, and add the correct quantity required to your basket.  Please note that the ‘front’ and ‘front & reverse’ refers to the card when flat.  So for a folded card, the front would refer to the outside of the card when folded, and the front & reverse includes printing on the inside of the folded card, as well as the outside.


  • Printing should not be within 5mm of the outside of the card being printed on / a crease in the card.
  • We do not recommend printing lighter colours on darker card. It simply wouldn’t show up very well. If you would like to include printing with your order, we advise printing on a light coloured card.
  • Please note that the card being printed on can affect the way the ink appears in the finished item. This is in part due to the way in which the card absorbs the ink. Printing on a pearlescent card may produce a slightly different shade from printing on a matt card, for example. This is especially the case when using colour, when the pearlescent card can make the colour appear a little lighter. If we feel that this will be detrimental to your invitation, we will let you know before we start to process your order.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to print in metallic colours, such as gold or silver. In those circumstances we would normally have to use a grey or a yellow/orange that are as close representations as possible.

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